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Logic and Reason: Creationism vs Evolution – Pt 2

logic and reason

Logic and Reason: Creationism vs Evolution – Pt 2

In part one of this article, I simply introduced the elementary difference between Creationism and Evolution. Now we will dive into what I believe are logic and reason behind why, like the extinct pterodactyl, the overall General Theory of Evolution (GTE) doesn’t, ehem, fly.

Proponents of GTE, especially that lay variety of proponent that believes everything the supposed science “seems” to indicate, love to state something like this: “Yes, everything evolved from lower life forms over great expanses of time to bring us to where we are today.” But as soon as you dare to mention the unlikelihood of everything coming from nothing, they will say that you are talking about origins and that is a different topic altogether. Sooo, we don’t need to concern ourselves with how everything came to be in the first place; just believe the people in clean white coats and even cleaner science terminology? I don’t think so.

Fraud, By Any Other Name

Look, they may be highly intelligent and all but, considering all of the times scientists have twisted the truth and even resorted to fraud to try to prove GTE true…nah, I’ll stick to common sense! And why is that? Why have scientists throughout the ages felt the need to twist and alter the truth, even to the point of committing fraud (Earnst Haeckel’s evolution embryo fraud, Piltdown Man, Nebraska Man, Java Man, etc.), just to prove evolution is true? After all, scientists today say that GTE is fact and indisputable. If it’s fact, then why go to such means to try to prove it? When was the last time you saw a Christian scientist purposefully commit fraud to prove creationism? I just wait right here…. None, huh? That’s what I thought! Clearly, science doesn’t truly have the answer if it so frequently has to cheat to get it!

Some Logic and Reason

As stated, I am considering only logic and reason here, not religion, or even creationism itself. I am simply examining the logic of GTE alone….

1. Beginnings

First, let’s consider origins, whether the evolutionists want to or not! How can you possibly, and with logic and reason, claim GTE to be true and then choose to ignore the obvious problems it has with origins? Seems to me like that would be similar to claiming that the moon is made of green cheese and then refusing to discuss how it became so. If GTE is true, then by scientists’ own discoveries, it had to have begun at some point. In order for something to begin, it must, by definition, have been non-existent at some prior time. In other words, something had to “become” before it could evolve, right? Well, of course. Scientists, however, insist that what came before life was non-living stuff! Did you get that? What they are claiming then is that living organisms came from rocks and dirt and some chemicals (many of which would, in reality, have prevented life rather than helping it! But let’s not even consider that, says the sly scientist!). Can you spell illogical, class? I would love for an evolution-believing scientist to tell us exactly HOW a bunch of junk could somehow assemble itself into something that is alive? Imagine claiming that Transformers is a true story. What sort of looks do you think you’d get? Yeah, that’s the look! And I am not even going back to the very beginning and considering how a small ball of immense power could somehow poof into existence from absolute nothingness (0+0=1 anyone?)!

2. Better Nate than Lever

Let’s consider something as simple as a lever. The lever is one of the most basic tools we know of. Only two parts: lever and fulcrum, right. Now, try to picture the following scenario: you are walking along the beach when you happen upon a long board that has curiously found itself resting atop a rock. That’s it, a rock and a board. Is that a lever? Sure. Could it have happened on its own…sort of created itself? Sure, with the help of some wind, it very easily could have. Now let’s say you walk a little farther down the beach and you find another such scene, but this time the board is attached to the rock with a hinge of some sort, made of metal and bolted onto the rock. Could the wind have done that? Hmm?

I think your logic and reason would have to tell you absolutely not. One would be found insane if he claimed such a thing! It would defy everything we know about science and logic, wouldn’t it? But why? Why is that so unbelievable? It’s because of something known as complexity. The addition of the hinge adds complexity to the situation, even though we are still talking about something as basic as a lever. So how much the more insane is it to think that that same sort of business is responsible for the exceeding complexity of something as relatively simple as the single cell (Darwin himself believed the cell to be nothing more than a bit of goo!)? We now know that the cell is an amazingly complex piece of living machinery. So, Mr. scientist, you say it would be silly to believe that the wind could make a see-saw, but that life itself, well that just sort of created itself? Seriously?

3. What’s good for the goos….

Finally, here’s the nail in the coffin, as though it really needs any more! How could subtle changes occur over large spans of time and yet remain viable? Picture this: imagine you are a single celled, non-sexual, er um, thing. You’re a glob of goo that can feed, grow, and multiply. Now. one day, your little goo comes up to you and says, “Dad, I’d really like to find a way to recreate myself without having to split in half…it looks kinda painful!” You say, “Well, goo, I’m sorry but you can’t. However, it might happen if you have a little goo and some other glob has a little goo and those two completely separate, unrelated goos just happened to accidently have something mutate into two separate parts that, over a looooooong time and with more tiny changes that don’t happen to go off in the wrong direction, somehow become mutually usable, almost like they were made to go together…..  I think you get the idea. The chance that mutations could happen in small increments over time without losing their way, so to speak, and still allowing the organism to function normally, is, well, it’s just ludicrous!

Returning briefly to the Goo scene: So little goo becomes a Glob and divides and it has the rudiments of that mutation and so does the goo next door and so you’re well on your way to….oh, never mind, the other goo just got run over by a paramecium! Well, maybe next time!

In conclusion, I realize that this is very simplistic and all, but I think the logic is still sound. There are simply too many hurdles for GTE to overcome to be realistic. Now, does all of this prove that God exists and had to have created everything. Perhaps not, but I would challenge anyone to think of some other reasonable cause for the incredible origins, complexity and precision in the universe and here on our own planet!

Talk to you soon!


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A Word About Creationism Vs Evolution-Part 1

creationism vs evolution

A Word About Creationism Vs Evolution-Part 1

Every once in a while I like to discuss elements of faith that I believe are important. In this blog, I am going to talk (perhaps rant a little:) ) about creationism vs evolution. Why this subject? Well, as one of those “crazy Christians,” I think that creation is the foundation of the Christian belief system. After all, if it could be proven that God didn’t do what he said he did in Genesis, then why believe the rest of the Bible, right? Therefore, creation being the beginning of the word of God, establishes it as the Bible’s most basic infrastructure.

Creation Nutshelled:

Creationist believe that God, just as he claims in the first book of the Bible, created everything out of nothing. He simply spoke it into existence. Now of course we don’t know exactly what that means. Did he speak and everything suddenly formed into a small ball of energy to then explode and spread out in an instant. Perhaps. That might appeal to the Big Bank theorists. And since he didn’t specifically say what took place when he spoke, we don’t know for sure that it didn’t happen that way. I believe it could have.

If it did, then that would explain everything that scientists observe.

Evolution Nutshelled:

So as to prevent anyone from thinking I am making up my own definition, here it is from a science website: “The theory of evolution by natural selection, first formulated in Darwin’s book ‘On the Origin of Species’ in 1859, is the process by which organisms change over time as a result of changes in heritable physical or behavioral traits. Changes that allow an organism to better adapt to its environment will help it survive and have more offspring.” [1] So the basic idea is that in the beginning, there was nothing, and then nothing became something, which then somehow changed over great spans of time into what we see today.

Ok, that may seem facetious, but it is somewhat true. To believe in evolution, one must inherently decide how everything began. Don’t let anyone tell you that origins study is different or separate from evolution study. The latter absolutely requires the former to exist! If you accept that, then you have to acknowledge that there had to have been a beginning point at which time there was nothing at all in existence. Many books have been written about all of this, so I won’t belabor it. It makes sense if you are willing to open your mind to it.

In part two of creationism vs evolution, I will examine this subject and discuss my reasoning with what I believe will be logic and reason. I will not even refer to the Bible or creationism, but rather discuss why evolution simply doesn’t make good sense!


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Marketing Christian Books For a Living

Christian books

Hey folks, I found this great article and thought I’d share it with you. Could help in your marketing if you marketing Christian books!
by pedrosimoes7



Productivity and spiritual nourishment can both be attained by reading a good Christian book. But who knew that it could also be a source of steady income for yourself or your family? Not until you’ve stumbled upon this article. Marketing Christian books is one way of generating a decent monthly income which may either be your primary bread and butter or a profitable activity on the side. Either ways, you will enjoy the whole process, and here are some reasons why you should be involved in it, too.

Enjoy something you love doing

There is nothing more enjoyable than doing something related to what you love doing. Marketing books involves promoting Christian books in different platforms such as print, broadcast, and new media. If you personally love the books and would like others to benefit from reading it, too, then it becomes very easy for you to market these books. It becomes second nature to persuade other people that the books will give them optimum spiritual benefit. You can also give your personal feedback on what made the book special and is also at the best position to recommend which books to buy.

Earn passive income

Unlike maintaining a bookstore which should be manned by at least one person, being a marketer only involves promotional activities for the things that you were tasked to market. This allows for a flexible time for marketing. This then becomes an income-generating activity which you can do alongside a full time job.

If you have enough time to focus on this undertaking, you can also provide a book catalog to your neighborhood and let them buy the books from you in advance. In turn, you can order the books from the supplier or directly from the publishing house and simply charge your customers for a service fee.

Spreading the love of God to other people

In as much as you praise and love your God, you can also glorify him all the more by sharing his love with other people. Distributing Christian books is one way of doing this. Especially in places where there are no alternative bookstore carrying religious books, you can spearhead the marketing of these products by ordering directly from places where it is available. Publishing houses often look for people who agree to become distributors of their books and other reading materials. The best part in these agreements is that you do not need a huge sum of money for capital because you are only going to pay the publisher after the books were sold. Those which were not sold can be returned to the publishing house. And by doing this, you will be able to greatly influence the community you belong to while earning alongside.

As said earlier, reading Christian books are both productive and spiritually nourishing. Emphasize these benefits to your potential customers and make a profitable venture out of marketing Christian books. Soon, you will be able to consider it as a good source of income to augment your family’s financial needs.

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Awesome New Opportunity!

Awesome New Opportunity

This is what I believe will be a great product, not only for great additional income, but also for its health benefits. I have just discovered this so I will need to use it for a while before I can really do a write up on it. Therefore, I will write again later a more detailed evaluation of this for both its income potential and its health benefits.

Stay tuned!

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Bad Day? Four Quick Steps To Dealing With Them

bad day

Had A Bad Day?

Have you ever felt like you just wanted to throw up your hands and say, “I surrender! This online business stuff just isn’t gonna work!” Well, I for one know the feeling; and guess what? So does every other entrepreneur out there! Everyone has a bad day…week…month. What makes the difference is what you do with that feeling….

Step One: Own It!

It’s okay to admit you feel beaten. Every human being on the planet feels this way now and then. So, go ahead and say it, “I am done! I give up!” Now, pat your determination on the back and say, “Nice knowin’ ya!”


Step Two: Keep The Wallowing To A Minimum!

Ok, now that you have completed step one, it’s time to suck it up and realize that stuff happens. So you had a bad day! So you didn’t get a single lead! It’s the second week in a row without any sales! Does all that matter? No. It doesn’t matter because it is simply part of the game. That’s right, see it as a game. Did you win every game when you were young (and winning doesn’t include getting a trophy simply for showing up!)? Probably not. Well, you’re not going to win every game in adulthood either and you need to accept that and move on!

Step Three: Write!

Yep, that’s what I said, write. Write down at least three things you’re going to do tomorrow to try to improve your marketing/sales/prospecting/whatever. Once you have it written down, be sure to put it where you will see it the next day and then forget it! I know that’s easier said than done, but do it anyway. It’s like the monkey with its hand stuck in the jar. He ain’t going to get anywhere as long as he keeps holding onto the banana. And you won’t get anywhere as long as you hold onto the defeat!monkey jar

Step Four: Do Something Different!

The next day you need to get up and look at your “three things” note to yourself. Do what you wrote and be sure that you do something different today. If you keep doing what doesn’t work, you’ll keep getting what doesn’t profit. Pretty much common sense, huh!

Final Point

The main thing I want to convey here is perseverance. Having a bad day now and then is NOT failure…giving up because you’ve had one too many bad days is! Hang in there my little monkey and you WILL find success!


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Why Should You Consider Content Marketing?

Content Marketing

How to Build Trust and Enhance Your Influence with Content Marketing

At its essence, those three things are why we do content marketing. And if you’re not hitting all three, you’re likely not enjoying success with your content.

Traditional marketing is big on the know — it’s all about creating awareness in the marketplace. Add in some clever messaging to prompt some level of liking, and mission accomplished, right?

It’s as if awareness of a brand is enough to spark trust. And it’s true — we do tend to prefer brands that we know, even if there’s no true difference between one product and a generic one.

But when it comes down to choosing between two or more brands, trust becomes critical. This is one of the benefits that content marketers have over competitors who don’t create and freely share valuable information — and it can be substantial if done correctly.

Trust works on many levels:

  • Do you do what you say you’re going to do?
  • Are your products and services solid?
  • Do you treat customers fairly?
  • Will you be in business next year?
  • Do you abide by the core values you claim?

Content marketing allows you to tell stories that touch on each of these over time. Even more, your brand can be viewed as not only trustworthy, but generous. Even selfless.

The art of disinterested goodwill

In terms of persuasion techniques dating back to the time of Aristotle, ethos is an appeal to the authority, honesty, and credibility of the person speaking or writing.

And that’s exactly what builds trust and influence when content marketing is done well.

Aristotle also thought that a key component of effective ethos was a combination of likability and selflessness, which he characterized as “disinterested goodwill.”

Disinterest here doesn’t mean you don’t care if you get a beneficial outcome — it means you serve your audience whether or not you get that benefit from any particular person.

When you give away quality content that’s so good you could have charged money for it, you’re acting with “disinterested goodwill.” That means your audience received value regardless of whether they ever pay you a dime.

It’s this very aspect of content marketing that makes it unacceptable to some business people. The thought of providing something valuable to “freeloaders” just drives them nuts.

I’ve been giving away free, valuable content for 19 years, and all eight successful businesses I’ve started were powered by it. I have complete faith that I’m going to get benefits back — and the know, like, and trust I earn is the entire reason.

Just the act of performing content marketing triggers the power of disinterested goodwill. Lacking that, there are techniques that persuaders use to achieve the same goal.

The “reluctant conclusion” technique

A classic persuasion technique is the “reluctant conclusion.” You share with your audience how you had a change of heart based on overwhelming evidence.

For example, you’ve recently raised the price of a product and discovered that it’s killing your sales. You could just quietly change the price back and hope no one notices, but you’ll build more trust and goodwill with your audience if you explain that you were wrong about the price raise and will be reverting it.

Meanwhile, you’ve also met your goal of sparking dormant sales. It’s a win-win-win when you count the additional trust that you’ve built with your audience for future products and promotions.

The “personal sacrifice” approach

Another tactic is the “personal sacrifice” approach.

Yes, the free online workshop you’re doing could have been a paid product, but you’ve decided not to charge for it so you can help more people.

I’m sure you’ve seen this done many times before, with varying degrees of skill in the execution. The key to handling it well is, as always, to know your audience.

The “Abraham Lincoln” technique

And finally there’s the “Abraham Lincoln” technique. Lincoln was an unusual-looking guy with a hick accent and a whiny voice. When he gave speeches during his run for president, he added fuel to his personal fire by claiming to be a poor public speaker with nothing new to say.

And yet, Lincoln was a very bright man with an excellent grasp of the nation’s problems. He lowered expectations by presenting himself as a sincere fool, and by the end of a speech he had won the audience over completely.

So, if you’re a chiropractor who also does content marketing, it’s really easy to claim that you’re “no master copywriter,” even as you begin to deliver some damn persuasive copy. Again, you need to intimately know your audience to understand what’s appropriate when it comes to these things.

Which brings us to something completely different.

What’s in it for you?

If any of the three tactics above sounded hokey or even manipulative, you’re not alone. That doesn’t mean they don’t work to build trust with certain audiences; they just might not work on you.

That’s why I repeatedly say, “Know thy audience.” I don’t use those tactics on you, because I think I’d get a chorus of eye rolls. You’re more sophisticated about marketing than a typical audience, so those approaches might hurt more than help.

Some marketers in our space have resorted to “radical transparency” in order to build trust. The problem with that, especially when talking about revenue growth, is it can come across as bragging more than honesty. And when things start going badly, you’ve got to maintain that transparency, which may actually reduce trust in your product or company.

My approach is to simply never be shy about saying what’s in it for me. It was a lesson I learned back in 2007.

I had been giving away valuable free content on Copyblogger for 18 months at that point. No product, no service, just relentless focus on serving and building the audience.

Then a strange thing started happening. I began getting emails from people who didn’t understand why I was giving everything away for free without asking for a sale.

It caught me off guard, but the people in my early audience were worried that they couldn’t trust me, because they didn’t understand what was in it for me. Color me shocked.

So, even though I still try to be as generous as possible, I never shy away from saying what’s in it for me. If we’re doing our jobs correctly, what’s in it for you should always come across as superior — which makes it a sales strategy as well.

For example, when we launch a new product that has special introductory pricing, we’re doing it for a reason beyond maximizing sales. We want feedback from our initial customers so we can rapidly improve the product.

So, we explain that in great detail. And it’s worked on both the sales and feedback level every time. The more potential for skepticism within your audience, the more you just come right out and tell people the deal — for both sides.

Demonstrate trustworthiness

The most powerful way to establish yourself as a subject matter expert is to demonstrate your authority with your content rather than simply claim to be an expert. Trust works the same way.

So, some of those ancient rhetorical tricks I’ve listed above are good to know, and if appropriate, you should work them in. But overall, serving your audience with the right valuable content is the best way to demonstrate your trustworthiness and establish true “disinterested goodwill.”

Other than that, the natural impulse to hide your economic motivations or business objectives is almost always a mistake. Realize that people increasingly think everyone is “on the take,” and your primary job is to assure your audience that you’re not.

Written by

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Tips For Getting Started With Web Marketing

Getting Started With Web Marketing
Here’s an article I found recently and thought it might be useful!

Tips For Getting Started With Web Marketing

by mkhmarketing

There’s little doubt Web marketing is the best way to gain additional exposure for any business. The secrets to success in getting started with web marketing are obtaining adequate training to learn about available strategies; how they work; and how to interconnect them to maximize online exposure.

Implementing Web marketing strategies can be puzzling. There are dozens of options and tactics that make it difficult to determine which methods are best suited. One of the simplest solutions is to work with an online marketing consultant.

Consultants can analyze marketing plans to determine which online strategies would compliment advertisements already in place. They can provide marketing training courses to staff members and assist in the development of a strategic marketing management system.


Perhaps the greatest challenge of Web marketing is finding time to manage multiple projects. Nearly everybody underestimates how time-consuming online marketing is. Each strategy could easily be a fulltime job, so it’s vital to have adequate staffing.

The majority of business proprietors find it beneficial to turn projects over to an online marketing company. While it can be more costly to hire experts, the process of integrating a variety of techniques will be expedited and the cost for training employees can be eliminated.

SEO Is Still King!

Owners that decide to enter this venue without expert help will need to provide training in search engine optimization (SEO) and Web marketing strategies. It’s important to acquire marketing training courses from people that have extensive experience and a solid track record of success.

There are training courses offered for every strategy. Some of the more popular topics include: SEO, web design, article marketing, video and podcast marketing, local listings, link building, mobile marketing, and social media marketing.

Search engine optimization should be at the top of the list. SEO is used with all forms of online content to inform search engines how content should be indexed. Most people find it easier to learn SEO techniques in a classroom setting that provides interaction with the instructor. Courses are available at local universities, training seminars, and can be hosted at the workplace.

Go Video

Online videos are a popular choice because they oftentimes go viral. Videos can turn a company into a household name overnight, so it is wise to take time to learn how to capitalize on this robust advertising method.

Although producing videos has been simplified by advanced technology, it’s best to leave marketing videos in the hands of professionals. One option to lessen production costs is to work with amateur videographers that want to expand their portfolio. Another is to work with college students studying videography.

Producing audio podcasts is another effective advertising method. Podcasts can be used to provide information to consumers. This venue is ideal for producing an Internet radio show; product infomercials; question and answer sessions; and sharing interviews with industry experts.

Why Social Media Is Important To Getting Started With Web Marketing?

Social media marketing has transformed the way businesses engage with consumers. Social networking platforms allow owners to interact with people in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Social marketing supplies endless possibilities for reaching the masses. Engaging in social marketing can be quite time-consuming, so it’s vital to create a solid plan and have adequate staffing on board to take full advantage of opportunities.

These methods are the basics of Web marketing. Integrating multiple strategies can be an enormous task, but developing a strategic marketing plan and support team will help business owners achieve their goals and boost sales revenue.

Some good tips here for the online marketing “newbie”!
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Earn Money Online Bandwagon – An Introduction For Beginners

Earn Money

Can I Earn Money On The Internet?

Earn Money – By Fred Yen

Did you know that it really is possible to earn money on the Internet? The problem, though, is that we often don’t know where or how to begin. Whether it’s your first time at online marketing, or you have been working at it for a while, but with minimal or even zero success, remember this: there are a lot of people claiming to have made big bucks online and are more than willing to show you their Clickbank checks to prove it, but did they really make all that dough?

Release The Common Myths

Most people will try and convince you that earning money online will be easy and require little effort, this is not TRUE. You can’t simply buy a website marketing program, or run a couple of ppc ads and expect to start seeing huge checks pile up. Online beginners starting a internet business will need to put in lots of hours and master the big learning curve this is involved with your chosen trade.

Must Preparation For A Beginner

Mastering a new trade will require a lot of hours and a completely new set of skills to succeed. Enter your money making efforts with the mindset that, all of the successful online markerters who make great money, have had to put in a lot of hours and taken the time to learn their new trade. Now remember this, the more money you want to make the more prepared you will need to be with the trade you have chosen. As a online beginner, you can expect things to be a bit complicated and confusing. Learning a new trade involves a rather large learning curve and can be extensive.

Stay The Course

Now, after selecting the right marketing plan that you will use to build your internet empire, stick with it and never lose focus. Here is a fact, after signing up for your new online business most every other online marketing guru, will contact you and want to sell you their new and latest internet millions program. Don’t become distracted with these offers, keep it simple and master your chosen trade first. After you have gained some experience, the other offers can better be analyzed. Do your homework, stay the course and laser beam your efforts.

Time And Effort

There are tons of ways to make money online today, with a huge variety of options to choose from; however, making money online can be quite a complicated affair. Just factor in the learning curves and mastering a new trade alone can sometimes be overwhelming The more time and effort you put into your online business, the greater the rewards will be. I agree that It may be possible to earn fast money with little effort. But, the real long term money only comes to those who are able to patiently apply themselves to their work, which is your projects or online program you choose.

Investment required

Be prepared to invest a small to moderate amount of money to get your online business started. Set up a budget before researching any marketing plan, and stick to that budget. Some marketing plans will require extra resources in addition to the core product, so do your homework. I would suggest not to do any outsourcing at first, after generating profits outsourcing may be an option.


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Make Money Online – The 3 Secrets

Some Common Sense Ideas Here:

By Jack Sinclair

It is simply amazing how many people get online, and head over to their favorite search engine, and type in ‘make money online’, and start looking over the results. The result is always the same; they run into thousands of ‘too good to be true’ ways to make money, then splash down some cash on the best looking scheme, and before long, they are back searching for the ‘real’ make money online system.

Don’t get me wrong: sometimes, people actually do luck out and start to make money online after finding something that looked good. It’s just that most people go through a mountain of opportunities and schemes, before either giving up, or finally seeking out someone who IS making money online and living on every word their ‘guru’ speaks.

Sadly, many of the gurus have a business plan, to sell useful but incomplete solutions, with the aim to upsell more expensive stuff later, so they can continue to earn an income from their customers for years to come.

So what is a person supposed to do?

Let me share with you 3 secrets about the people who are making money online… and I don’t mean pennies per day with Google Adsense; I mean 6 and 7-figures per year, or more. Here are the 3 secrets of the online rich:

Secret 1: The folks making a killing online didn’t start off making money!

Nope…almost all of them spent time learning how others doing it, before finally hitting paydirt. Secret #1 is ‘do what works’, meaning, find someone who is making real money online, and follow their method.

Secret 2: There is NO fast easy money.

Disappointed? I hope not. It is simply amazing to see how many people are looking for ‘do nothing, get rich’ solutions online, and the thousands of scammers who are advertising crap to hook these people. You could waste many years in the world of fast easy money before you ever learned that you need to put something in to get something out.

Secret 3: You gotta know a few things to make money online

This is probably no surprise to anyone,

but the counter- intuitive part of secret 3 is the fact that what you think you need to know is probably NOT what you really need to know. I mean, how to get your message in front of millions of people is useful, but it is such a tiny part of any real success system that you would most likely waste your money advertising if that was your first question. You see, most people have no clue what makes a person buy or not buy. It’s a complicated thing, and involves the persons needs and wants, hopes and fears, as well as the message they encounter, the perceptions they have, and the presentation of the message. It includes the methods of ordering, and the ability for the buyer to navigate a successful purchase.

If this seems like deep water, don’t dispair. There are many places you can go to get up to speed on what it takes to make good money online. The only trick is finding the truth.

Jack Sinclair is a partner of

For Moms – When Things Are Going Wrong

going wrong

When Things Are Going Wrong!

This is a sensible article for moms out there who are struggling and things are going wrong…check it out and let us here at Get the Most know what you think!

April 24, 2017 by Emma White

When everything in life seems to be going wrong, take one look at what you did right (your kids), to remind you it was all worth it. We all have those days when everything seems to be going wrong when no matter what we do we feel its just not enough. It’s during these dark moments that we feel failures but it’s during these times that we need to look at the things we did get right, our children.

I run a support group for mothers on Facebook and face a daily tirade of problems and demons that mothers face and the strength and courage these women possess is beyond words, they fight their own battles yet support other mothers having a difficult time and the one thing that binds us together is our children, without them many of us would have given up a long time ago, I know I would have.

There are days when just getting out of bed is a struggle but we have to when we are mothers. Our children are our protectors, they give us the strength to carry on when we feel we can not. Just because we are a mother doesn’t mean we don’t become depressed and feel like ending our own lives, depression is an illness that changes our rational thinking.  Mothers who think of taking their own lives are not selfish, they are mentally ill.

I sadly speak with too many mothers who feel suicide is their only option, it’s during these dark conversations that I need them to think of their children as I know that’s the only thing keeping them alive, I have faced this dark time myself and I know the only way to keep them from hurting themselves is to ask them to go and sit beside their child and look into their eyes, to see that despite them feeling that everything is wrong, they got something right.

I suppose it’s an emotional blackmail trick I play, but it’s one that has kept me alive.

I understand how it feels to believe your children would be better off without you, that’s how depression makes you feel, worthless. If you ever feel this way please speak with a health professional because depression can be treated, you do not have to suffer this alone.

When Everything In Life Seems To Be Going Wrong, Hold On

Nothing lasts forever, not even depression, I promise you that with the right people beside you things will get better, you won’t always feel this way, there sure is light at the end of the tunnel. When you feel that things are falling apart look at your beautiful children and see how amazing you are, they think you’re perfect and you are because you have given up your own wants to ensure they get theirs met.

As a mother, you have a responsibility to be the best mother you can be and sometimes that means asking for help.

You don’t have to put on a brave face, you’re allowed to cry, it’s a great way to deal with those built up emotions. Contrary to popular belief, crying is not a sign of weakness, instead, it is a mark of staying strong for too long.

Remind yourself that there are many reasons for you to feel grateful.

Please don’t ever feel that things are too bad to go on, reach out and grab someone’s hand. When everything in life seems to be going wrong take a look into your child’s eyes and see how much they love you and need you to keep fighting on.

Hey, Moms. I know you are out there having bad days and troublesome moments, but like she says here, it WILL pass and you can get help! As a Christian, I feel the need to add this: keep loving and praying and God will get you through!!

Christianity At A Crossroad – The Christian And The Fate Of Christianity

The Fate Of Christianity

What Is The Fate Of Christianity

By Samuel Brown

Christianity faces a battle that it must win but can lose if the Christian community does not come together. Over the last two thousand years we have experienced attacks and we have survived.

Why are we at risk of losing this power to fight back? Well, people are more prone to question the authenticity of the bible and the relevance of the Christian faith than they had in the past.

Why is There a “Fate of Christianity” Belief

The last few years have seen a plethora of information, mainly in books and movies, that have attacked the Christian faith. These attacks are designed to debase the Christian God that we serve as divine and the ruler of everything and replace it with the accepted view of today.

These attackers set about to destroy the bible by creating scholarly articles that attack especially the gospels. They believe the gospels were written way after the crucifixion and thus could have been tainted by people’s imagination of what they thought Jesus should be.

Popular books and movies also attack everything the bible and the Christian faith stand for. They find new ways to point out why long held scholarly beliefs in passages in the bible are not to be interpreted in the traditional fashion but must be reinterpreted in a new light.

Contemporary attackers of the Christian faith are determining the way in which the public view the Christian faith. Their success is due in large part to the public being pre-exposed to Darwinism and other ideas that explain away the need for the Christian faith.

They are dissuading even traditional Christians, especially the educated ones. Their agenda is to make Christianity and the Christian God a thing of the past. These radical attackers of the Christian faith will use virtually any means at their disposal to reduce the Christian faith to irrelevance.

The school environment has always been our home court where we could influence what our kids learn. Now they are being forced to accept Darwinism over creationism through curricula  that have been specifically designed to demote Christianity.

Can We Do Anything About The Fate of Christianity?

We have to form a coalition of the willing who will come against this assault against our beliefs and our faith. Until we begin to fight Christianity will lose its importance in our lives and in our societies.

Samuel Brown writes about Christianity on the Internet. His website the christian, Christianity and christians is chock full of information on Christianity.
If you agree with Brown, then you are among the few! It is sad that so many people are forgoing the Creator of the universe, and replacing Him with the very science He created!

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All-in-one Sales Tool

All-in-one Sales Tool

All-in-one Sales Tool

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Great Deal

Clickfunnels offer a 14 day FREE trial and then you can purchase part or all of the tools they offer. It’s a great deal when compared to all of those other tools you have to buy separately!

Now, I must admit that I not only liked Clickfunnels well enough to get their tools, I even jumped into their Funnel Consulting training that helps people become certified in helping other businesses get more results. If you happen to know someone who could use such help with their business, my company is called Pinnacle Marketing, and I can help anyone get more customers, clients, website visits, whatever they need.

So check them out and let us know what you think . . . remember, it’s FREE for 14 days!

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Five Crazy Recreation Ideas!

crazy recreational ideas

Check out these crazy recreation ideas to pass the time, if you’re brave enough!

Thrill seekers throughout human history have proven themselves terrifyingly resourceful. From gladiatorial sports in ancient Rome to mummy defiling parties in the Victorian era (eew!), mankind has been unbelievably adept at extreme recreational activities. Well, some things never change. The twenty first century is replete with crazy recreation ideas. Here are some of them:

Shark diving

Barricading yourself in a submerged metal cage in close proximity to tiger sharks, whale sharks and others has proven be a titillating enough experience for people bored of hitchhiking, surfing, swimming and boat racing. Something about being so close to, and yet so far away from our serrated-tooth friends is responsible for hordes of eager shark divers. This is one of the best crazy recreations ideas.

Cliff walking

This brave, thrill seeking generation is definitely not acrophobic. People are increasingly motivated to ascend to heights of as much as 9000 feet to take in the scenery at a number of exotic locations, while walking across meandering, rugged paths on cliff walks, suspended walkways and suspended bridges. Making it across must be a uniquely exhilarating experience. This is family fun activity.

Volcano boarding

Volcano boarding, also known as ash boarding or volcano surfing, is a really crazy idea. Riders hike up active volcanoes, as high as 720 meters, and slide down sitting or standing on a wooden or metal board at speeds of up to thirty miles per hour. This is certainly not one for the faint-hearted.

Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is an extreme sport in which the jumper falls from a high place with a rubber (“bungee”) cord attached both to his or her feet and to the jumping site. Bungee jumpers free-fall from heights of up to 200m until they are fully suspended by the rubber cord, a few yards away from the ground, or astonishingly, a volcano. Thrill seekers flock to a number of jump sites to brave the plunge.

Cruiser Bike

This bike is the one that require the least from you to move, riding as a commuter or on a tour would be great. In the past, it used to be a bike for the rich, but this is no longer the case because now these bikes are affordable for every rider. The mountain bike was built with an inspiration coming from the cruiser bike, famously known for its comfort. Plus, there are tons of cool accessories for the sport as well!

This is for a passionate rider who takes pleasure in enjoying the scenery while they ride. If you are also an expert rider or a learner this will be a great experience. If you are unsure of what size will be the best for you, a quick Google Search will help you in this area.

Sky diving

Last but not the least; skydiving is a very popular extreme recreational activity. Skydivers jump down from airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, from heights of up to 13000 feet. They make the jump and, after a specified distance, parachute the rest of the way down. The thrill of free-fall has been popularized by the movie industry. This is the best family fun activity.


These five crazy recreation ideas and family recreational activities are among the nuttiest things humans have come up with in order to have a good time, as well as conquer phobias. There are several others which at times border on childish – stuff like tomato fighting and mudslinging, but we’ll leave those to you to discover. Bottom line, if you’re bored, you’re not looking hard enough.

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Work Hard – Calling All Entrepreneurs Part 2

Continued From March 10, 2017:

2. You Have to Work Hard!

Nothing worth having comes without sacrifice. You have got to be willing to work hard and strive for the prize that is success. Ask someone who is successful and I can almost guarantee she will say it was because she had to work hard. Is there such thing as “Get Rich Quick”? Well, what do you think? Do you really think that you can do little to nothing and suddenly be swimming in “Benjamins”? Perhaps if you play the lottery…good luck with that! You have to put into it what you want to get out of it; it’s as simple as that.

3. Finally, you gotta stick with it!

Imagine this scenario: you have been working at this online business for days, weeks,  even months, and for what? It seems like you just can’t get a handle on it, or there’s just too much you need to know and do, and so on! Your friends, the ones you are brave enough to tell, say you should just give it up and concentrate on your “Real J.O.B.” (did you just get a little sick too?) So, do you give up or stick with it? Don’t even think about it!! If you keep at it, you will get there; however, if you give up, you never will! Back to the scenario: so today you go online to check your bank account and you find it has $1.11 in it. You look at your website dashboard and it shows no new sales/customers/whatever. You’ve had it! You cancel your web account and call your boss to see if you can get some extra hours next week. Meanwhile, the right person just saw your website/optin page and saved it on their computer to look at it later. The next day, you’re back in the office working hard at your J.O.B. and dreaming about what it might have been like had success not spit in your face. The person who saved your webpage/optin page looks at it again and decides to buy. They pull out their wallet and click on that big blue “Try It Now” button only to be informed the page no longer exists. You just missed your first sale and, perhaps the beginning of your online fortune because you just couldn’t stick it out one more day….

I don’t know about you, but I am not going to be that guy or gal. I am going to be like Miles: work hard and not give up.

Don’t you give up either!  🙂


God Bless

P.S. You are NOT a “newbie,” you are an Entrepreneur!

P.P.S. If you want to meet Miles and others like him, click here!

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