Christianity At A Crossroad – The Christian And The Fate Of Christianity

The Fate Of Christianity

What Is The Fate Of Christianity

By Samuel Brown

Christianity faces a battle that it must win but can lose if the Christian community does not come together. Over the last two thousand years we have experienced attacks and we have survived.

Why are we at risk of losing this power to fight back? Well, people are more prone to question the authenticity of the bible and the relevance of the Christian faith than they had in the past.

Why is There a “Fate of Christianity” Belief

The last few years have seen a plethora of information, mainly in books and movies, that have attacked the Christian faith. These attacks are designed to debase the Christian God that we serve as divine and the ruler of everything and replace it with the accepted view of today.

These attackers set about to destroy the bible by creating scholarly articles that attack especially the gospels. They believe the gospels were written way after the crucifixion and thus could have been tainted by people’s imagination of what they thought Jesus should be.

Popular books and movies also attack everything the bible and the Christian faith stand for. They find new ways to point out why long held scholarly beliefs in passages in the bible are not to be interpreted in the traditional fashion but must be reinterpreted in a new light.

Contemporary attackers of the Christian faith are determining the way in which the public view the Christian faith. Their success is due in large part to the public being pre-exposed to Darwinism and other ideas that explain away the need for the Christian faith.

They are dissuading even traditional Christians, especially the educated ones. Their agenda is to make Christianity and the Christian God a thing of the past. These radical attackers of the Christian faith will use virtually any means at their disposal to reduce the Christian faith to irrelevance.

The school environment has always been our home court where we could influence what our kids learn. Now they are being forced to accept Darwinism over creationism through curricula  that have been specifically designed to demote Christianity.

Can We Do Anything About The Fate of Christianity?

We have to form a coalition of the willing who will come against this assault against our beliefs and our faith. Until we begin to fight Christianity will lose its importance in our lives and in our societies.

Samuel Brown writes about Christianity on the Internet. His website the christian, Christianity and christians is chock full of information on Christianity.
If you agree with Brown, then you are among the few! It is sad that so many people are forgoing the Creator of the universe, and replacing Him with the very science He created!

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