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online income

Hey Folks!

This is a great site that provides the online entrepreneur beginner with the education to earn online income¬†through a huge knowledge bank about advertising, eCommerce, Instagram advertising, Facebook advertising and so much more! If you check out the site at the link below, you will be able to join Tecademics as an affiliate Ambassador, which lets you make money by advertising them on your own site or through advertising on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and much more! You also will have access to lots of free training videos (not little 5 minute “theory training,” but hours of real hands-on training!). Great stuff!!

online income

online income Click here to learn how to become a FREE Ambassador with Tecademics and earn income as an affiliate.


Check out this link to go directly to their monthly paid site and learn all you can about online marketing and advertising!

online income

online income

Gail and I have joined them as Ambassadors and are using their FREE Training to get started with advertising. However, we are planning to join their paid programs as soon as we are able (too many irons in the fire right now, if you know what I mean!). They offer great insights into advertising and Gail is likely to use their eCommerce information to start an online store; again, when some of those irons are cooled off!

Could you use some extra income every month? Silly question, huh! We all could, right? Well, as a Tecademics Ambassador, you could earn commissions from all of their products: that means anywhere from $40 all the way up to $4,800! They have a commission structure that is a little too complicated to go into here, but it allows you to earn 40% on what you sell, as well as 20% of what any person you bring into the program earns. Very lucrative possibilities!

So, check this out and let us know what you think!


God Bless!

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