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A Word About Creationism Vs Evolution-Part 1

creationism vs evolution

A Word About Creationism Vs Evolution-Part 1

Every once in a while I like to discuss elements of faith that I believe are important. In this blog, I am going to talk (perhaps rant a little:) ) about creationism vs evolution. Why this subject? Well, as one of those “crazy Christians,” I think that creation is the foundation of the Christian belief system. After all, if it could be proven that God didn’t do what he said he did in Genesis, then why believe the rest of the Bible, right? Therefore, creation being the beginning of the word of God, establishes it as the Bible’s most basic infrastructure.

Creation Nutshelled:

Creationist believe that God, just as he claims in the first book of the Bible, created everything out of nothing. He simply spoke it into existence. Now of course we don’t know exactly what that means. Did he speak and everything suddenly formed into a small ball of energy to then explode and spread out in an instant. Perhaps. That might appeal to the Big Bank theorists. And since he didn’t specifically say what took place when he spoke, we don’t know for sure that it didn’t happen that way. I believe it could have.

If it did, then that would explain everything that scientists observe.

Evolution Nutshelled:

So as to prevent anyone from thinking I am making up my own definition, here it is from a science website: “The theory of evolution by natural selection, first formulated in Darwin’s book ‘On the Origin of Species’ in 1859, is the process by which organisms change over time as a result of changes in heritable physical or behavioral traits. Changes that allow an organism to better adapt to its environment will help it survive and have more offspring.” [1] So the basic idea is that in the beginning, there was nothing, and then nothing became something, which then somehow changed over great spans of time into what we see today.

Ok, that may seem facetious, but it is somewhat true. To believe in evolution, one must inherently decide how everything began. Don’t let anyone tell you that origins study is different or separate from evolution study. The latter absolutely requires the former to exist! If you accept that, then you have to acknowledge that there had to have been a beginning point at which time there was nothing at all in existence. Many books have been written about all of this, so I won’t belabor it. It makes sense if you are willing to open your mind to it.

In part two of creationism vs evolution, I will examine this subject and discuss my reasoning with what I believe will be logic and reason. I will not even refer to the Bible or creationism, but rather discuss why evolution simply doesn’t make good sense!


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