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Marketing Christian Books For a Living

Christian books

Hey folks, I found this great article and thought I’d share it with you. Could help in your marketing if you marketing Christian books!
by pedrosimoes7



Productivity and spiritual nourishment can both be attained by reading a good Christian book. But who knew that it could also be a source of steady income for yourself or your family? Not until you’ve stumbled upon this article. Marketing Christian books is one way of generating a decent monthly income which may either be your primary bread and butter or a profitable activity on the side. Either ways, you will enjoy the whole process, and here are some reasons why you should be involved in it, too.

Enjoy something you love doing

There is nothing more enjoyable than doing something related to what you love doing. Marketing books involves promoting Christian books in different platforms such as print, broadcast, and new media. If you personally love the books and would like others to benefit from reading it, too, then it becomes very easy for you to market these books. It becomes second nature to persuade other people that the books will give them optimum spiritual benefit. You can also give your personal feedback on what made the book special and is also at the best position to recommend which books to buy.

Earn passive income

Unlike maintaining a bookstore which should be manned by at least one person, being a marketer only involves promotional activities for the things that you were tasked to market. This allows for a flexible time for marketing. This then becomes an income-generating activity which you can do alongside a full time job.

If you have enough time to focus on this undertaking, you can also provide a book catalog to your neighborhood and let them buy the books from you in advance. In turn, you can order the books from the supplier or directly from the publishing house and simply charge your customers for a service fee.

Spreading the love of God to other people

In as much as you praise and love your God, you can also glorify him all the more by sharing his love with other people. Distributing Christian books is one way of doing this. Especially in places where there are no alternative bookstore carrying religious books, you can spearhead the marketing of these products by ordering directly from places where it is available. Publishing houses often look for people who agree to become distributors of their books and other reading materials. The best part in these agreements is that you do not need a huge sum of money for capital because you are only going to pay the publisher after the books were sold. Those which were not sold can be returned to the publishing house. And by doing this, you will be able to greatly influence the community you belong to while earning alongside.

As said earlier, reading Christian books are both productive and spiritually nourishing. Emphasize these benefits to your potential customers and make a profitable venture out of marketing Christian books. Soon, you will be able to consider it as a good source of income to augment your family’s financial needs.

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Make Money Online – The 3 Secrets

Some Common Sense Ideas Here:

By Jack Sinclair

It is simply amazing how many people get online, and head over to their favorite search engine, and type in ‘make money online’, and start looking over the results. The result is always the same; they run into thousands of ‘too good to be true’ ways to make money, then splash down some cash on the best looking scheme, and before long, they are back searching for the ‘real’ make money online system.

Don’t get me wrong: sometimes, people actually do luck out and start to make money online after finding something that looked good. It’s just that most people go through a mountain of opportunities and schemes, before either giving up, or finally seeking out someone who IS making money online and living on every word their ‘guru’ speaks.

Sadly, many of the gurus have a business plan, to sell useful but incomplete solutions, with the aim to upsell more expensive stuff later, so they can continue to earn an income from their customers for years to come.

So what is a person supposed to do?

Let me share with you 3 secrets about the people who are making money online… and I don’t mean pennies per day with Google Adsense; I mean 6 and 7-figures per year, or more. Here are the 3 secrets of the online rich:

Secret 1: The folks making a killing online didn’t start off making money!

Nope…almost all of them spent time learning how others doing it, before finally hitting paydirt. Secret #1 is ‘do what works’, meaning, find someone who is making real money online, and follow their method.

Secret 2: There is NO fast easy money.

Disappointed? I hope not. It is simply amazing to see how many people are looking for ‘do nothing, get rich’ solutions online, and the thousands of scammers who are advertising crap to hook these people. You could waste many years in the world of fast easy money before you ever learned that you need to put something in to get something out.

Secret 3: You gotta know a few things to make money online

This is probably no surprise to anyone,

but the counter- intuitive part of secret 3 is the fact that what you think you need to know is probably NOT what you really need to know. I mean, how to get your message in front of millions of people is useful, but it is such a tiny part of any real success system that you would most likely waste your money advertising if that was your first question. You see, most people have no clue what makes a person buy or not buy. It’s a complicated thing, and involves the persons needs and wants, hopes and fears, as well as the message they encounter, the perceptions they have, and the presentation of the message. It includes the methods of ordering, and the ability for the buyer to navigate a successful purchase.

If this seems like deep water, don’t dispair. There are many places you can go to get up to speed on what it takes to make good money online. The only trick is finding the truth.

Jack Sinclair is a partner of

Marketers: Check Out This Great All-in-one Sales Tool!

All-in-one Sales Tool

All-in-one Sales Tool

All-in-one Sales Tool

Landing pages, optin pages, autoresponders, website creators, payment management tools . . . any of you online marketers out there getting as tired as I am of having to pay for all these tools and more to do your work? Would you appreciate an all-in-one sales tool for your online business? Well then, check out Clickfunnels!

Great Features

Clickfunnels is a company that has all of these tools and more and can do just about everything you need them to do, all in one convenient place! They have a great system that allows you to create your own sales funnels and even websites and membership sites! They have a built-in program that lets you keep track of your customer and their emails, but what’s better is, the tool even checks out your contact to see what kind of purchasing habits they have, their Facebook attributes and more! They even have another tool that allows you to keep and maintain your own affiliates, should you choose to have them.

Great Deal

Clickfunnels offer a 14 day FREE trial and then you can purchase part or all of the tools they offer. It’s a great deal when compared to all of those other tools you have to buy separately!

Now, I must admit that I not only liked Clickfunnels well enough to get their tools, I even jumped into their Funnel Consulting training that helps people become certified in helping other businesses get more results. If you happen to know someone who could use such help with their business, my company is called Pinnacle Marketing, and I can help anyone get more customers, clients, website visits, whatever they need.

So check them out and let us know what you think . . . remember, it’s FREE for 14 days!

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Work Hard – Calling All Entrepreneurs Part 2

Continued From March 10, 2017:

2. You Have to Work Hard!

Nothing worth having comes without sacrifice. You have got to be willing to work hard and strive for the prize that is success. Ask someone who is successful and I can almost guarantee she will say it was because she had to work hard. Is there such thing as “Get Rich Quick”? Well, what do you think? Do you really think that you can do little to nothing and suddenly be swimming in “Benjamins”? Perhaps if you play the lottery…good luck with that! You have to put into it what you want to get out of it; it’s as simple as that.

3. Finally, you gotta stick with it!

Imagine this scenario: you have been working at this online business for days, weeks,  even months, and for what? It seems like you just can’t get a handle on it, or there’s just too much you need to know and do, and so on! Your friends, the ones you are brave enough to tell, say you should just give it up and concentrate on your “Real J.O.B.” (did you just get a little sick too?) So, do you give up or stick with it? Don’t even think about it!! If you keep at it, you will get there; however, if you give up, you never will! Back to the scenario: so today you go online to check your bank account and you find it has $1.11 in it. You look at your website dashboard and it shows no new sales/customers/whatever. You’ve had it! You cancel your web account and call your boss to see if you can get some extra hours next week. Meanwhile, the right person just saw your website/optin page and saved it on their computer to look at it later. The next day, you’re back in the office working hard at your J.O.B. and dreaming about what it might have been like had success not spit in your face. The person who saved your webpage/optin page looks at it again and decides to buy. They pull out their wallet and click on that big blue “Try It Now” button only to be informed the page no longer exists. You just missed your first sale and, perhaps the beginning of your online fortune because you just couldn’t stick it out one more day….

I don’t know about you, but I am not going to be that guy or gal. I am going to be like Miles: work hard and not give up.

Don’t you give up either!  🙂


God Bless

P.S. You are NOT a “newbie,” you are an Entrepreneur!

P.P.S. If you want to meet Miles and others like him, click here!

Calling All Entrepreneurs Part 1



Calling All Entrepreneurs

Calling all entrepreneurs, wherever you may be: The other day I was looking on Facebook (it’s evil I tell ya! but I can’t stop!) and I saw someone talking about how they were just about ready to throw in the towel on trying to find success in online marketing. They had tried this and tried that to no avail and, frankly, I was feeling the same! Then I came across a video testimony of a man named Miles, who earns 6 figures annually, telling his story about how he had started with little, was “this close” to giving up, and three years later he’s making it big….

How many of you out there are entrepreneurs, especially online “newbies”? You wake up every day, work, and go to sleep at night dwelling on your business. You worry about whether or not you will succeed in this crazy business. How can I pay for this advertising when not enough money is coming in to cover it? Sound familiar? That’s been me recently. But I have thought about it and seen some others people’s journeys and you know what? I have decided there are three things we must all do to succeed in this business:

1. You gotta have faith!

Gail and I have faith in God, ourselves, and time. Our faith in God is what sustains us in every aspect of life! We believe that, in the end, it is all up to God and we just have to give everything to Him. Now, does that mean we just sit back and hope God takes care of everything? Of course not. We have to also have faith in ourselves. We trust that our own hard work and efforts will propel us forward and we WILL succeed. Notice that word “will.” It is sooooo important to have willpower and to trust it. You have undoubtedly heard, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Well, the opposite is also true: “Where there is no will, there is no way!” Whatever happens, you have to will your way through it! Finally, there is the element of time. Time is like water. It flows in one direction and nothing can stop it. If you are stressed because your business finances are strained and you feel like quitting, just remember that time will tell.

To Be Continued . . . .

Scale and Leverage – Have Your Own Business? Part 2



Continued From March 7, 2017:


People do business with people they know, like, and trust. You have to become relevant. The more people know you, like you, and trust you, the more they are willing to pay you or partner with you or work with you. Run advertising campaigns to get your name in front of as many people in your target market as possible, then it will be much easier to close big deals.


You can’t go that BIG by yourself. Instead of spending my profits on luxury items that will depreciate, I’m reinvesting it back into the company to build infrastructure, bigger offices, more employees, more tools, more advertising, etc. If you aren’t all-in then you don’t believe enough in your vision and everyone around you will sense that.


There will be many obstacles in your path when you 10X your business, but you need to BELIEVE that you can do it, and then you need to ACT on that belief and work harder than all your competition. Your work ethic will inspire your team and your partners and your friends and your family, and you will be so busy producing that you won’t have time to listen to the haters who try to tell you it’s impossible.


Hard work is great, but it will wear you out. Make sure that you LOVE what you do, and if you don’t love it, then get someone else to do it. Fill your day with tasks that you LOVE and that you are passionate about and you will suddenly find yourself inspired to wake up every day to crush out your goals!


Don’t model after your co-workers, or friends, or family or anyone that isn’t where you are trying to go. Instead, choose a few role models that are at the next level and model after their daily behaviors. What time do they wake up? What books do they read? What activities do they do for their business? What activities do they pay others to do for their business? Don’t just choose one person, get a handful because it’s likely that your personality type will be a combination of a few people. One person won’t have all the answers for you.


Finally, you can’t be afraid of failure if you want to go BIG FAST. You need to be willing to take risks. You need to be willing to fail. You need to be willing to experiment as often as you can. Every month you should experiment with something NEW until you find something that works like crazy and fits your style. The key to explosive growth is to take big gambles and give it everything you’ve got!

I’ve been applying these 8 steps above and in just one year I was able to move to a new city and grow a brand new company into a 25,000 square foot office with over 50 full time salaried employees (US based) and we are already looking at bigger offices to expand into.

Life is Short. #GoBig #TakeMassiveAction!

Some great ideas, don’t you think? If you’d like to check Tecademics out some more, click here for their FREE access site!

Thanks and God Bless!


Have Your Own Business? Part 1

Tecademics, online business

This is an article I found by Chris Record, CEO of Tecademics, and he has some great advice for us online marketers:


I started my first agency when I was 21 years old. No computer (used the public library for that) and no car (used the bus as my public transportation).

I went door to door (business to business) selling them websites and search engine ranking services. I carried a briefcase I bought for $5 from Goodwill, and I wore a $30 used suit I bought at the Salvation Army thrift shop. I called it my “Salvation Armani”!

Here were my first agency price listings that I kept for a full year:

Website Design = $300
Site Listed in 10 Search Engines = $100
Top 10 Rankings for 1 of 10 keywords = $100
Search Engine Optimization Platinum Campaign = $1,000

I charged half up front and half upon completion.

My unique marketing angle was that I could charge them “college student pricing” and compete with sites they would pay $5,000+ for, so why not at least give me a shot.

My first year I struggled to get many sales, but I managed to make just enough to stay in business.

My second year I focused more on search engine optimization since most everyone already had a site but wasn’t ranked well. Keep in mind I had to teach myself how to rank sites in Google, which took me a few hundred hours to master, so I was very dedicated to learning and taking action.

My 3rd year I had it dialed and chose to work for myself instead of taking on more clients. By the time I was 24 years old I was making $10,000-$20,000/mo consistently from my internet marketing abilities.

I make 6 figures per year from 2004-2014, for 10 years straight, without any employees, mostly just working from home out of a little home office, and doing some traveling for sales as well.

I was comfortable. Six Figures paid all my bills and gave my family a comfortable lifestyle. But in 2014 everything changed.

I listened to an AudioBook called the 10X Rule by Grant Cardone and somehow it struck a nerve in me that made me realize I was very complacent in my marketing and I had a lot more potential if I applied myself.

That year I set a goal to 10X my earnings and generate 7-Figures in revenues with my business and I did!

Then I set another goal to 10X my earnings again and the following year generated 8-figures with my business inside of 14 months!

Then in 2016 I set the biggest goal I’ve ever set in my life. I decided why not go BIG and 10X my earnings again! My goal was to generate 9-figures in revenue in a 12 month time frame starting in 2017. CRAZY RIGHT!

9-Figures means that I want my business to generate over $100,000,000 in sales in a 12 month time frame. These can be gross sales, not pure profit, as long as I somehow cross that number, as impossible as it seems.

So here are 8 steps I’m using to scale to do my best to achieve this goal:


I knew a business man that had run a company that did over $100million in sales a decade earlier, so I pitched my business idea to him and it was the sale of a lifetime as he agreed to be my business partner! Jim Piccolo has been an amazing partner, friend, and mentor, and his knowledge was what I was missing to take things to the next level. I’m forever grateful.


I put together a pitch to attract the best quality sales team that I possibly could, including marketers with huge email lists that could get my company vision out to the masses quickly, without up front advertising dollars. I just pay them a commission for every deal I close that they refer.

To Be Continued . . .

This Site Teaches You How to Earn Online Income!

online income

Hey Folks!

This is a great site that provides the online entrepreneur beginner with the education to earn online income through a huge knowledge bank about advertising, eCommerce, Instagram advertising, Facebook advertising and so much more! If you check out the site at the link below, you will be able to join Tecademics as an affiliate Ambassador, which lets you make money by advertising them on your own site or through advertising on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and much more! You also will have access to lots of free training videos (not little 5 minute “theory training,” but hours of real hands-on training!). Great stuff!!

online income

online income Click here to learn how to become a FREE Ambassador with Tecademics and earn income as an affiliate.


Check out this link to go directly to their monthly paid site and learn all you can about online marketing and advertising!

online income

online income

Gail and I have joined them as Ambassadors and are using their FREE Training to get started with advertising. However, we are planning to join their paid programs as soon as we are able (too many irons in the fire right now, if you know what I mean!). They offer great insights into advertising and Gail is likely to use their eCommerce information to start an online store; again, when some of those irons are cooled off!

Could you use some extra income every month? Silly question, huh! We all could, right? Well, as a Tecademics Ambassador, you could earn commissions from all of their products: that means anywhere from $40 all the way up to $4,800! They have a commission structure that is a little too complicated to go into here, but it allows you to earn 40% on what you sell, as well as 20% of what any person you bring into the program earns. Very lucrative possibilities!

So, check this out and let us know what you think!


God Bless!

Online Business-Here’s a Great Concept!

Online Business

This system is a step-by-step process for developing and implementing your own online business. Gail and I are using this ourselves and it shows awesome promise (Yes, we are making money from it!). Check it out!

Hey Folks,

My wife and I have been working in the trenches, so to speak, for decades! You know, working that 9-5 grind, hoping for enough money to pay the bills and still be able to buy a toy now and then. We began looking into online business marketing and found, as you probably have, mostly junk that either doesn’t work or is just too expensive . . . and doesn’t work! Well, we came across this website recently and we have great hopes for it to help us gain some extra income per month (it already has made us some, but we have just begun with them!) through an affiliate marketing online business model. In case that is an unfamiliar term to you, allow me to explain it briefly: many companies and businesses online offer people just like you and me a chance to offer their products to others for a percentage of the sale. For example, one company, Clickbank, is a kind of “broker” for many such companies. Clickbank (Click here if you would like to sell your own products on their site!) has hundreds of companies in it that offer affiliate commission for selling their products. They have everything from health and fitness, diet, and self-help to marketing, sports and travel products, and if you offer their products on, say Facebook, or Youtube, you can earn money every time someone buys using your link to the product. Pretty cool, huh!

Step by Step Guidance

Now if that sounds a little complicated, the site shown in the poster above, 4 Percent, actually is a website wherein you can get step by step guidance for creating your own little affiliate business and the gentleman in the picture, Vick Strizheus, is the talented entrepreneur who shows you the way. If this idea of making some extra money on the side appeals to you, then please feel free to click here for access to the 4 Percent website. It is FREE to get into Vick’s site and begin right away!

That’s right, I did say free to get in. However, I always want to be totally open with everyone who visits Get the Most! You can indeed do much with the 4 Percent site even as a free member; however, in order to do yourself justice, you should upgrade, when possible for you to do so, to the Pro level. The pro level gives you total access to all of the tools and goodies that the site offers to “get the most” of it! Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: I knew there’d be a catch! 

Friends, if anyone ever tells you they have a completely free system for making money . . . run the other way! There really just is no such thing, and those who say there is are scamming or trying to sell you a get-rich-quick scheme and again, there is no such thing (unless you play the lottery and happen to win–good luck with that!) 😉

The Four Percent Online Business

The 4 Percent is real and it is affordable. The Pro price is $49 per month, with an option to pay a one-time-only, lifetime payment of $497. If that sounds like a lot of money, then consider this: you could go in as a free member and do some free advertising on YouTube or Instagram and then use the income that generates to pay for your monthly fee to upgrade to the Pro level. Then you could upgrade to the lifetime membership once you have generated enough income as a Pro member and you’ll be set. After that, everything you earn will be icing! Again, this is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme; rather, it is a business. Now, when was the last time you ever heard of someone starting a business without putting some of their own money into it, at least at first?!

Do yourself a favor and check it out; remember, it is free to go in and look around!

As always, talk to you soon and God Bless!

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